Gysbert Johannes Huisamen – Union Milnerton RFC
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Gysbert Johannes Huisamen

Full name – Gysbert Johannes Huisamen (Hanno)


Age – 34


Years at Unimil club – 2ndat the club, first as coach


Why is Unimil special/different? – There’s a tight-knit feeling, like a family vibe that is very appealing and inviting. The people are friendly and accommodating


Previous clubs – Only coached at Primary Schools for the last 12 years.


Position played – Fullback


Favourite quote – Ray Lewis – “It has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with effort! Wins and losses come a dime a dozen, but effort? Nobody can judge that, because effort is between you and you.”



Favourite rugby moment (Club rugby/ Professional rugby) – Setting a goal and dream to play u18 Craven Week all those years ago. Working myself into the ground and reaching that dream an goal, knowing that it was a result of effort, determination and hard work as I knew I wasn’t the fastest, strongest or biggest, but I was crazy fit and played smart.


Describe yourself in 3 words – Passionate, committed, determined